Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ten (or more!) on Tuesday

5.  A medieval town scene from Rothenberg, Germany

6.  A red and white wooden house from Charlevoix, Quebec

7.  Several pewter ornaments from Amos Pewter, Nova Scotia - this one is the 2007 issue, a lovely gift from Edward and Linda (Mel's adopted parents and our travelling companions in Europe)

8.  An embroidered puffin from Newfoundland

9.  A stained glass angel, from Nova Scotia (given to us by Shelley, Mel's friend who now lives near Lethbridge )

10.  A white china angel from Poland (another gift from M & T)

11.  A lighthouse from another trip to Nova Scotia

12.  A redwood tree from Northern California - our newest addition

There are so many wonderful memories associated with each one - I love them all!!


  1. you have to add this post to your christmas album! i didn't realize you had so many ornaments from different places. so cool!

  2. Wonderful! And you will continue adding to this collection for many years, I am sure, Crystal. And the memories triggered as you look at each ornament are priceless.

  3. I love that part of decorating and taking down the tree as well. I realized that I really need to write on each box where the ornaments are from and when we got them. There's so much to tell when people ask about your oranments. Btw, the seeded Christmas tree is from Katowice. Didn't you get a little bell or a glass ornament in Prague? I bought us a little white bell with a house and winter scene on it. I thought you got something similar there. Just wondering.

  4. Oh the ones you showed are lovely and I know the others are, too. Christmas ornaments span so many years, events and places they truly become treasures.

  5. I love looking at my decorations as I take them down but unlike you I wonder at my age if I will see them again. It is so nice that you have collected so many in different Cities and Country's. Thank you for coming by.

  6. OMGosh, You have quite the collection there!

  7. What a neat post. I couldn't believe it when I saw the angel I gave you on there. I'm glad you have an ornament that makes you think of me and N.S.