Sunday, March 30, 2008

Watermelon Soup

As inspired by Amanda at SouleMama who talked last week about How We Make Dinner, whom I immediately thought of when Helayna was up to this yesterday in the kitchen.

You've got to really work those pieces!

Perhaps a little kneading is necessary here!

I just love all the smiles and laughs this little Watermelon Soup activity got! She loves to imitate whatever Mommy and Daddy doing these days and she's right into the imaginative play. I love seeing her think, hearing her talk and watching all the development that's taking place inside that cute little body. We bought some spoons yesterday and she was saying "Cooking, cooking" over and over at the store.


  1. How totally ADORABLE! Love these DARLING shots! xoxo

  2. So cute! I remember my kids making "soup" from vegetable ends etc when they were small too. Lots of fun!

  3. These photos are so great. She's getting so big and changing so much. How fun to play with grandma all weekend?

  4. Hi Crystal,
    I've just been catching up on your posts I had missed. Loved seeing your photos of SA. Looks like a wonderful trip.
    Your family's iron chef contest looked like such fun. I'm impressed by the wide variety of recipes from tortillas.
    You all seem to have such a wonderful time together.

  5. Helayna is so cute! I love all of the pictures mostly the one of her smiling!!

  6. aw! what adorable pics! How great that you get to see her and play with her and create these special memories for both of you!!

  7. Very cute, I love these pictures of Helayna:) Definitely a great memory for you!!