Sunday, March 02, 2008

From Igaussu Falls

We are in the most beautiful, warm, tropical place today!! We left Brasilia this morning and flew to Iguassu Falls via Curitiba. We caught a glimpse of the spray rising and then around the corner was a little peek of the most amazing falls in the world, as we flew in to the airport. They are the larger than any others in the world and tomorrow we are going to the national park for a closer look. We´ll also go the Itaipu hydroelectric dam and plant, check out an artisan shopping spot and then enjoy a South American dinner and show.

Our hotel here is beautiful with a pool in the yard and we enjoyed a swim and some sun this afternoon. It´s just like being at some wonderful resort and we are basking in the luxury. There´s a special pool with all kinds of waterworks for kids (we really thought of Helayna and Meadow when we say it) and also a daily program for kids. There are lots of other visitors here because this is a popular destination for tourists from around the world.

Some annoying news - our laptop has died once again. Man, that thing is just bad news lately. So until I can figure out an alternate plan for posting pictures, there won´t be any on this blog. I´m very sad about that because I really wanted to share the sights regularly but you all know how frustrating technology can be.

Our time in Brasilia was amazing as we got to see a city that´s less than 50 years old and was designed to be a total showpiece. It´s the only modern city to be on the UNESCO World Heritage site list! We saw the outside of many buildings and the inside of the Museum of Art and a fabulous cathedral. We also checked out the local mall which was packed on a Saturday night. I have never seen so many shoe stores with the windows absolutely jam packed with displays. You won´t believe it until you see it!

Bob shook his cold after the extra days of rest in Miami and he was feeling so good that he actually climbed the 15 flights of stairs to our room twice at the hotel yesterday. There was just a slight competition going on with some of the guys. I think he was declared the window - much to his delight!

Kayleigh - I do have some pictures of monkeys to show you! We got to feed some when we were in the jungle - I think yoú´ll really like them.

We are definitely thinking of all of you back home, hoping that the snow is disappearing and spring is on the way. Have a wonderful week - travel safely and be happy!


  1. Wow, the falls looks stunning in the photos, I can't imagine what they are like in real life! ENJOY!!!!
    That's too bad about the laptop but enjoy your trip and you can share when you get home!
    Miss you so much!

  2. Sounds like a great time. Sorry to hear about the laptop dieing again. But, we'll look forward to lots of photos when you get back to Canada. I can't wait to hear what both of you think of all you've seen. It looks amazing. Miss you lots.

  3. Sounds like such a great happy that you are enjoying it all. Can't wait to see pictures.

    15 floors of stairs....yikes!

  4. esther10:50 AM

    Wow! I wish I was with you. Next time we have to drag Larry along eh? How's the food? Did you get fish in the Amazon?