Tuesday, March 04, 2008

From Pergamino, Argentina

Iguassu Falls is the most beautiful place we have seen yet on this trip - and quite possibly one of the most incredible places ever! Around every corner there was another picture just begging to be taken and we immersed ourselves in the scenery. We are so glad that we could experience the 275 falls that span 3 kilometres and drop more than 90 metres. The water was quite low (peak water comes around June 15th) and so it wasn't as spectacular as it can be but we were not disappointed! This is just a little sneak peek of the Argentine side of the falls - I'll have lots to show you soon!

In between the two cliffs you should be able to see a boat that was coming under the spray of the falls. You could hear people screaming all the way up to the top. It looked like alot of fun - and a very wet ride!

We also saw the Itaipu Dam, which is the biggest generator of hydroelectricity in the world on a yearly basis. It is massive with 20 turbines generating 95% of the power Paraguay uses and 10% of Brazil's power. Started in 1976, the project used nearly 40,000 workers and enough cement every hour to build a 25 story building. The stats just go on and on.

Last night we went to a South American dinner and dance show which was also wonderful. The dancing and costumes were beautiful and it was a great showcase of the culture of Latin America.

It was an early morning today as we left the hotel by 6:30, crossed into Argentina where we visited the falls from their side, caught the plane to Buenos Aires and then had a 3 hour bus drive to get to Pergamino where we'll be staying for the next 3 days. We are back to discussing and seeing agriculture - the main purpose of our trip.

I must tell you about tonight's supper before I sign off. A big treat down here is to go to a pizzeria where they serve all the pizza you can eat for a flat fee. The waitress just keeps bringing out different kinds of pizzas and serves you a slice or two at a time. In Brazil we even had dessert pizzas but tonight it was ice cream treats. For 10 pesos each we had all the pizza we could eat, dessert and wine or beer. The exchange rate is 3 pesos to one dollar so supper was less than $4.00 each! Quite amazing and ever so delicious!!

Time to get some sleep - talk to you soon! ((( HUGS )))


  1. OMHeavens these are Gahooorgeus photographs! I so LOVE reading all your journaling with this trip....just simply AMAZING! (((hugs)))
    Love ya,

  2. I just read all your pots about your trip. It sounds and looks like you're having an amazing time! I can't believe you were on the Amazon...so cool!! Enjoy and stay safe!

    Oh, and beautiful photographs!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us.Looks like you are having a great time and the scenery is beautiful! Can't wait to see the pics.