Saturday, March 29, 2008

South American Highlights #3

I promise we'll move on to other spots soon but first I have to share one last set of pictures from this gem of a place on the border between Argentina and Brazil.

At Foz du Iguazu, we stayed in this gorgeous resort hotel. Marge, one of our tour guides, said it didn't get any better than this - and she was right! It was very nice to stay in luxury for a few days.

There were gardens full of tropical flowers

and at the back was this huge beautiful pool area.

The kids water play park - but I never did see any kids using it.

As the sun was setting. I could have stayed in this beautiful place for a few more nights!

On our last morning at Iguazu, we went to the Argentine National Park.

There were 2 trains that took us closer to the falls from the park entrance. It felt kind of like the train at Storyland Valley Zoo!

After the train ride, we hiked a mile along this catwalk to get to the falls. There were fish, alligators and turtles in various places along the river as we walked. It's time to meet some of our wonderful tour friends - that's Bill and Louise in front with Don and Joan waving behind them.

Three years ago this walkway was washed away in the flooding.

The river - so tranquil and shallow - as it meanders along before plunging over the cliffs.

Meet Ed, Neil and Brian, all from Ontario, posing with Bob. They were quite the crew - card playing, fun loving, such good people!

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  1. OMGoodness these are some AMAZING photographs!!!! I've been waiting to get to see these and they are FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for sharing! xoxo