Monday, January 28, 2008


I am so grateful for these things:

1. A hot, crackling fire that warms the house and calls me to curl up in front of it with a good book - or the laptop!!

2. Spending an evening playing cards, visiting and laughing with good friends. We are making a decision to do this monthly from now on. (Did you know that February is Scrabble month? And there's a variation where you use only food words? I like the idea of using a topic and having all the words fit that category.)

3. Cars that keep working, even when it's -30 degrees or lower outside. Seriously, this is such a big blessing!

4. Telephones and keeping in touch with family and friends. Even though I love letters and the written words, I would really have a hard time using only that way of staying in touch.

5. Books, books, books - and the time to read and enjoy them.

6. Re-discovering the joy of sewing after many years away from it. And getting back into accumulating piles of fabric :))

7. Kitchen appliances and all the work they do for me! From dishwashing to drying clothes, my life is way easier because of them.

8. our Bible study, The Purpose Driven Life, that our group is doing together. It's interesting, intense and so thought provoking. This is definitely the right thing to be doing at this time.

I hope you are blessed this week!


  1. #8
    Thank You Crystal

    You add so much to our bible study.
    Wisdom to make us think. You and Bob are definitely appreciated in the group.

  2. Great list! We really are so blessed to have so much and be in need of nothing. I'm glad you're enjoying the Bible study, and that you as a group are able to challenge and encourage one another. It's so important.

  3. Enjoyed this Crystal!!! Great things indeed.

  4. I am with you on the appliances that do the work for us! Man, what a blessing to be able to turn a switch and walk away!!

    Keep warm by that fire! I have been watching the news over the last few days, and MAN, is it cold where you are!!! Wow. Crazy.