Sunday, January 06, 2008

365 Project - Image of the Day

January 6

744 photos came home from Costco in those little boxes yesterday. Today I've been organizing and putting them into albums. It's so nice to look through them and reminisce about our adventures!

January 5

Kisses for Grampa on his birthday! They kept kissing each other too.


  1. wow! that is a little daunting! that's a lot of photos to see all together, but what fun memories you must have there! smiles...

  2. Wow, soooo many photos! We'll definitely enjoy looking at them when we visit next!
    And I love that photo of the girls kissing Grandpa! SOOO cute!

  3. I have a stack of Victor pictures that need to go into an album soon. (My pile is only about 1/3 of yours though.) It IS so nice to reminisce. XO

  4. Absolute adorable picture!!!

  5. You are the photo queen. I can't believe how many photos you took in Europe, but I know you'll enjoy looking back at them.
    Love those two with grandpa. I'm so glad we had the party and everyone came.

  6. Oh my heck...that photo of the girls is too cute!!!!