Friday, January 04, 2008

5 Things

Over at Melody's Sofa, Melody asks "What were your favourite 5 things about the 2007 holiday season?"

Crystal's Top 5 Things to Love about Christmas 2007

1. Our family came home early and we celebrated over 2 days. I loved having everyone for a longer time! We got to play games, visit, prepare food, chop wood, eat and open presents together - on both days. It was marvelous to have everyone gathered around the fire enjoying this precious time.

2. The fun and busy-ness of 2 little granddaughters. They were right into opening presents and ripping off the paper, playing with toys, reading books and going outside. I could have watched them all day long!

3. Seeing just about everyone on both sides of our family, including all of the nieces and nephews at some point. My sister, Esther and her daughter, Jill spent Christmas in Peru so we haven't seen them yet and Melinda is coming from Nova Scotia tonight - yeah!! So we still have a little more visiting to do.

4. Playing games - just so much fun to gather around a table and try to outsmart/outwit each other!

5. Sharing all the baking and special treats that I had made earlier in December. I tried to do everyone's favourites this year. Only thing is that I ate way too many of each treat!

So when you think back, what 5 memories stand out in your mind this year? Happy Reflecting!!

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  1. Anonymous5:25 PM

    The happiest memory for me is how we all fell asleep together (Brian, me and Victor) listening to the neighborhood fireworks sound off the new year.

    And like you, I'm so glad we spent as much time with our families as we did. XO