Thursday, January 10, 2008

365 Project - Image of the Day

January 10
Some goodness from my oven today and I tried Heather's advice about angles! Go to the Pick of the Patch blog and read what she suggests.

Breakfast Nest Eggs

Quiche Tarts


  1. Ooooooh, I love those photos! The angles totally give the photo impact - it's so much more than just your ordinary straight-on shot!

  2. I agree with your DD, those pictures are awesome! They belong in a cookbook along with the recipes! :o)

  3. These look so tasty. Hope I get to try one of the quiche tarts soon. :)

  4. It does make ALL the difference to create interest to your subjects doesn't it? LOVE how these turned out!!! YAY! xoxo
    Love ya,

  5. The angles certainly work! And I must have put on pounds just lookign at the photos too.

    Have a wonderful time with your daughter, Crystal. Enjoy every moment. Diana is safe home, and was sick just a few times, so she says the prayer worked well. She is just relieved that the travelling is over for now. I am still fragile, however, and had the day from hell at school. It would not have taken much for me to walk away yesterday. Groan.

    I will be thinking of you as you say goodbye too. Hugs from here.