Sunday, January 20, 2008

-45 Degrees C

with the windchill when we got up this morning in Winnipeg! We took a little roadtrip to 'Winter-peg' (if you remember the AirMiles ad from a few years ago) this weekend to check out some stuff that Bob's been investigating. My husband is such a thinker, inventor and innovator. Honestly, his mind never stops working, scheming and planning.

Sunflowers looking pretty forlorn but still standing in my garden.

And it's pretty amazing when you are on Highway 1 between Moosomin and Regina, Saskatchewan typing a new blog entry! I'll show you the brand new little piece of technology that enables us to do this soon. It's the coolest thing - you'll want one of these :))


  1. Brrrr! That is so cold! I hope you have a safe rest of the trip!

  2. How in the world do you function when it's that cold???

  3. OMGoodness...I just got COLD reading your post! I hope you are all layered up girl! Sheesh...I can't imagine! BEAUTIFUL shot though...gotta love that!

  4. I just can't quite imagine that temperature. It's 8 degrees here and the heats not on the house yet, but I'm already freezing. Good thing you had a warm hotel and good heating in the car. Hope the drive wasn't too long and you learned a few things along the way.

  5. It has been cold here too! Makes it miserable doing chores and having to do anything outside! Stay warm!

  6. esther1:58 PM

    Winnipeg? Aren't we supposed to go to warmer places in winter not colder?