Monday, January 14, 2008

365 Project - Image of the Day

January 14

My sister gave me these beautiful serving pieces for Christmas. A lovely rectangular tray (7 X 17") is perfect for serving jelly rolls (which she brought for dessert) and 3 little bowls with spoons on another tray will be welcome additions to my china cabinet. Thanks, E!!

January 13

The master of packing put all of these piles of stuff

into 2 bags last night and then she took them and left for Halifax. Mel arrived there early this morning and by tomorrow afternoon will be on her way to Poland, where Tyler is eagerly waiting for her! Hopefully the big winter storm in Atlantic Canada will be over by tomorrow afternoon and she can safely head back home. It was marvelous to have her here and we miss her already :(


  1. Wow she did a great job packing!!I love the new dishes the shape is really neat.

  2. WOW...Impressive packing! I'm sure it will be so hard to have her leave too.
    Love your new serving set too! Very Unique! xoxo

  3. Those dishes are GORGEOUS! I love them! They must match the casserole she gave you before.
    Mel has become quite the master packer, hey? I hope she's had a good safe flight today!

  4. Daughters...packing...airports....sigh. You and I know these things well, Crystal!

  5. Hey. I made it safe and sound to Poland, only a few delays. It's nice to be with Ty again, but I am getting tired of the long haul trip (probably feeling that right now since I've only slept 4 hours in the last 26). I did manage to get everything in my suitcases, including the stuff in NS. We have some very fully cupboards today and Tyler's already eager to get into the poppycock. Thanks for a great time. I love being there and will miss you so much these next four months. Big hugs!!