Sunday, January 06, 2008

Birthday Party

It's Bob's birthday tomorrow, so last night we gathered for a surprise party. Bob had no idea it was planned, even though there were several comments that nearly gave it away!

While waiting for supper, Grampa gave a few piggyback rides.

It was Helayna's first time having lobster and she even helped herself to one of the pieces.

Naomi and Jerry did a lovely job of hosting and cooking supper. Mel cooked the lobsters and everyone enjoyed a great feed. There was even 1 lobster left - and Bob enjoyed it for lunch today!

Celebrating 57 years of living

Lots of smoke from all those candles

Meadow helped Grampa take all the candles off the cake - and then she proceeded to lick lots of icing off the corner piece, one fingertip full at a time!

Are those pigtails not the most adorable things you've seen?!!

Bob with his clan

Helayna was fascinated with Meadow's Dora car

We had fun playing Sequence later too. It was truly a family celebration and the first time since last summer that our kids have all been together. We really did miss Tyler though - he arrived back in Poland yesterday afternoon and is busy studying for exams this week.


  1. I'm so glad we were able to be there to celebrate! We had so much fun!

  2. Happy Birthday Bob! It's so nice to see pictures of your family, Crystal. XO

  3. This was so much fun. I really like being at family get-togethers, and since I often can't this was such a treat. I'm glad I was able to bring lobster for the birthday boy and everyone to enjoy.