Saturday, January 26, 2008

365 Project

January 26
It was a frosty day here and the trees looked so delicate and lacy.

January 25
Our book club met at our home this evening. It's great to gather, discuss, laugh, eat and drink together :))

These are the 3 books for January, February and March. I finished 1000 Splendid Suns today and it is an awesome read. Seriously, such good writing and an amazing story of hope amidst the turmoil that is Afghanistan (and has been for so many years).

January 24
These two were busy eating cranberries off the bush just outside our living room window. And I know, it's just supposed to be one image a day but I just had to share the sequence of him getting the berries. Anybody know what kind of birds these are? The head reminds me of cardinals but they are very grey with a bit of yellow and red on the wings and tail.


  1. Those are so AMAZING! LOVE these!

  2. Awesome photos! I especially love that first one!