Sunday, January 13, 2008

365 Project - Image of the Day

january 12

Have you ever tried to defrost your deep freeze when it's -15 degrees Celsius outside - and the freezer is in the garage?! That was me this week! It took a few hours and several pans of warm water but I did get it accomplished. And then I repacked the freezer with 800+ pounds of frozen beef, which should last us a very long time. We had a roast today and it was very delicious. Such a good feeling to know that we raised this beef and know exactly how it was produced (on grass with a little grain, no hormones or drugs at all).

January 11

New stamps to celebrate the Chinese New Year - the Year of the Rat


  1. YAY! New photos! I'm glad you finally finished the freezer - what a chore that must have been! Hopefully soon we'll have a freezer too and maybe we can sneak a few packs of beef from the freezer. ;)
    Love the new stamps! I'm still using up Christmas ones!

  2. Defrosting our freezer (in the garage) is on our to do list for January. We do it every six months and it's either very cold or very hot outside. (neither time is a fun experience) :)

  3. Whoa Nelly! That is so COOLIO Crystal! I think that would be so AWESOME to do! So what did you wind up doing with everything you had to defrost?
    LOVE your photos you posted! xoxo
    Love ya,

  4. Ummm...making me feel guilty because I really need to defrost my freezers!

  5. That sounds like alot of work to me. We bought a half of a pig this year what a difference in the meat Wow!!

  6. Ohmygoodness! 800 pounds of beef!

    It's so satisfying to be part of the circle of life. Good for you! XO