Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I am grateful for these things this week -

1. Snow that gently covers the earth and provides a time of rest for nature.

2. Christmas music played by handbells and sung by choir in our church on Sunday.

3. Children acting out the Christmas story

A pewter tall ships ornament from Halifax, 2000

One of the balls that Naomi and Gerald gave to guests at their wedding, December 21, 2002

4. Christmas tree ornaments and the memories of friends, places and good times that they bring back.

5. Family Christmas gatherings - Bob's family was together on Saturday for good food, lots of visiting, and fun. It was so nice to see our nephews and nieces and their families, complete with many little ones!

6. Neighbors who come and help so willingly - several guys came by last week to help Bob with the cattle - so grateful for that!

7. Family photos sent in Christmas cards

8. Time to just be at home - peaceful, quiet and contemplative in this season of waiting

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