Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Celebration

It's time to share a few pictures of our Christmas family celebration. Of course the majority of the pictures feature the 2 little girls!

Stockings are always the first things to be opened so Helayna and Meadow went first.

Smartie balls filled the toes of the stockings perfectly!

Helayna got a sled and Jonathan gave her several rides while they were here. She just sits back and smiles as he spins her in circles or gallops along like a horse :)

Auntie Kelsey and Uncle Darrin gave the girls both new boots. Meadow's are brown and Helayna's are red. And they look just adorable wearing them. Kelsey continues to encourage the little ones in their accumulation of shoes :))

This is another one of my favourite pictures from our time together. Such a change from last year, when Helayna slept through most of the excitement and Meadow was just sitting up on her own.

New pink princess chairs, pyjamas and books were part of the little ones' stash of gifts. There is seriously alot of good stuff around for kids these days = shopping was very easy for them!

Our daughter, Heather, her husband, Jonathan and their daughter, Helayna - they stayed over for 3 nights and it was great! I really wasn't ready to let them go yet.

Bob captured lots of the antics on videotape - I'm sure the little girls will love watching themselves someday.

I did a lot of this! Many of these photos are courtesy of Heather and Jonathan, who downloaded their camera on my laptop - thanks, guys :))

Tomorrow I'll tell you about our spontaneous surprise on Christmas Day!


  1. What a wonderful time you have had! I really love the one of you and your husband and the 2 little girls! Beautiful!

  2. These are such great photos of the girls and Christmas together. They are getting so big, interactive and fun. Can't wait to play with some of those Christmas treats.

  3. Love these photos so much! I'm so glad we were able to come and be a part of the celebrations! It was so fun to watch the girls this year! They were so cute together! Thanks for everything - we loved being there! It always goes by so fast!
    p.s. just sent you an email - I need your help!