Saturday, December 08, 2007

Babysitting - and another recipe!

I came to Airdrie for a few days to babysit while Heather worked at her local scrapbook store. Tonight she and Jonathan have gone out for supper and to Handel's Messiah at the symphony. It's been a very long time since they dressed up and went out somewhere special without Miss Helayna. We baked some shortbread cookies, played alot, had a bath and read many books. This morning the two of us went shopping at Superstore and even though it was a longer trip than I thought, Helayna was so very good. Biting a hole in the pound of butter was as bad as it got and that wasn't very serious at all!!

My image of the day project will be on hold until I get home and download the camera but I'll catch up next week.

Here are the recipes or rather instructions for the chocolate bark from my last post. They really are so simple I hardly think they can be called recipes!

I started with 350 gram Lindt chocolate bars. Each batch used 2 bars (700 grams total). I broke the bars into chunks and using the double boiler, melted them. Once they were melted and smooth, I added the extras. To the milk chocolate batch, I added 1 cup of dried blueberries and 1 cup of toasted pecans. To the white chocolate, I added 1 cup of dried cranberries and 1 cup of toasted pistachios. After mixing well, I poured the mixture into a large cookie sheet that was lined with parchment paper (makes it alot easier to work with later), smoothed it out and put it in the freezer to cool. Once it was hardened (about 2 - 3 hours), I took it out, gave it about 10 minutes at room temperature to warm a little and then broke it into small chunks. I store it in a tin in the fridge. That's how simple it is! Enjoy!! If you are lucky, sometimes you can find the chocolate bars on sale. Then I buy extras and store them in the freezer until I want to make the bark. The best bark is made with high quality chocolate so I find this way better than any made with the chocolate candy wafers. Don't ask what it costs to make - let's just say that I only do it once a year :))


  1. Thank you for sharing the recipe!! I am so excited to make this. And you know what - when you only make it once a year, it makes it all the more worth the little expense!!

  2. I am sooooooo glad you came this weekend! We love it when you visit! :) Miss you already!