Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Image(s) of the Day



Poppycock! And I'm sorry but this is my heritage recipe and it's one of only 2 that I won't share. The secret stays in our family but I happily make many batches to share with friends and in the annual cookie exchange. Do you have any heritage recipes that are closely guarded secrets? I think it's a marvelous way to have a signature item!


  1. I'm glad we're in your family!!! Hehehe We're enjoying every bit of the poppycock you sent us.

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Yes, this looks delicious, Crystal.

    We don't have any secret recipes in our family, but I've collected a few from Brian's mom to carry on his childhood traditions in our family.

  3. Shikha3:01 PM

    Hi Crystal,
    thank you so much for the picture it reminded me of the good times on my birthday. i cant believe that was almost 3 months ago but thank God we all get to come home and see our family in just a few days. tyler let us taste the poppycock last winter and it was so yummy. our family doesnt have secret recipes but its funny that some things, like my moms chocolate cake, has never been reprodused by anyone outside the family, it just doesnt taste the same (it could also be a bias but its so yummy). I think some things are just in the cooks hands. hope you are enjoying the Christmas season. cant wait to go home and do the same :)

    take care and Happy holidays,

  4. I really hope you are bringing some with you tomorrow (no pressure though...). ;) It is sooooo yummy! And I'm with Mel, I'm glad we are in the family too! You make the BEST poppycock by far! YUM!

  5. I have heritage recipes but they aren't closely guarded secrets. This looks tasty!!