Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Tree Treasures

Morning Glory hosted a Christmas Tree Treasures event earlier this month but I've waited to do it until we had our tree up. Thanks for the questions, MG!

This is also serving as my Image of the Day #18 entry today.

* The tree topper. Why do you use the one you have and what's special about it?

Last year I finally found a star that you could plug in to light up the top of our tree. We had one that I'd bought two years after we got married but one year some of it melted together (luckily it didn't melt anything else!) so it had to be replaced. It took me a few years to find one - most of them didn't have lights in them. My grandmother always had a star at the top of tree, leading us to Him.

* The tree skirt. Do you use one? Is there something unusual about yours? Did you make it or was it a special gift from someone?

My mom made this patchwork tree skirt for me many years ago and it's always under our tree. I like how full and round it is, making a perfect circle.

* What goes on your tree first? Is there one particular ornament that you traditionally hang first? What's the story behind that.

My parents gave me both of these ornaments in 1971, after a trip they took to New York and Philadelphia. They always go on the tree first along with a gold ceramic star that's also very old. These are my oldest ornaments. I don't have any from when I was a child - I need to ask my Mom about that and see if there are some that she still uses on her tree.

* Your favorite ornament that your children made when they were young.

Darrin made this star in 1981 when he was in kindergarten class at Sunday School. The girls have taken all their ornaments now that they have their own homes.

* Which is your favourite Christmas ornament?
I can't answer this question! I simply cannot pick just one - every ornament has so many memories attached to it, which is what makes them each so special. Perhaps I'll share a few with you in the days ahead.


  1. I use a gold star that almost looks like a paper mache piece. It is from an art gallery in the town I grew up in and a gift to my husband & me early in our marriage.

  2. Thanks for sharing some of your Christmas tree items with us....love the tree skirt!

  3. Love those!! Thank you for sharing. Another thing we seem to have in common - my tree is full of ornaments that come from my childhood, that I made, that have been given to me as gifts, that we have purchased on our travels, and now that my children have made! Awesome.

  4. It's funny how you do certain things and have little traditions this time of year, but you never really think about why you do it. I didn't know those two ornaments were from G&G; now I know the significance of them as well as their representation of Christ's birth and the reason we celebrate at Christmas. I'll be eager to see the tree when I arrive in Alberta.

  5. I'm glad you joined in anyway. Your items are so pretty and really worth sharing with us. Thanks!