Sunday, December 30, 2007

One More Gathering

We had the last of our Christmas family gatherings yesterday at my parents' home. The group was smaller this year but we had a lovely time together eating, playing Buzzword and visiting.

My brother Del, his wife Marcia, my brother-in-law Larry and nephew Ed trying some of the wine we had with dinner.

For the first time ever we had Christmas crackers. Our niece, Pam, made one for each person and they were lots of fun. We each got a paper crown, a little treat (mine was a tiny palm tree punch), and a personal message that she wrote for each of us thanking us for being important in her life. It was so thoughtful and very touching - what a wonderful thing for her to do.

My Dad (opening the mug and Starbuck's giftcard that we gave him) and my sweet Auntie Ruth, who is the real photographer of the family. She takes even more pictures at family gatherings than I do - if you can imagine that!

Our nephew, Ed, is a mechanical engineering student and he's leaving in early January for an 8 month coop placement at a mine in BC. To send him on his way, we all pitched in and filled these 2 tubs with groceries for his new place. I think he was surprised and quite pleased. His sister mentioned that maybe she should move out so she can get this kind of gift too! (I assured her that we'd gladly do it for her too.)

No - it wasn't one big box of popcorn!

This is one of the things that was in the popcorn box,along with Coke, popcorn and nuts, especially for those days when work has been long and hard - and you're ordering pizza for supper! It was courtesy of one of Ed's uncles - who apparently knows him well :)

This was waiting for us on the dining room table! My niece, Jen, is always up to some trick or other :))


  1. You got some awesome photos! Wish we could have been there too!
    What a cool thing for Pam to do! That is so neat!

  2. It sure looks like you had a great time.Happy New Year!!

  3. Looks like a great time. I opened my first Christmas cracker this year, too. Great photos.