Thursday, December 20, 2007

Image of the Day

Day 20

From this (which has been in my stash for 5 or 6 years!!) -

to these which are gracing the windows in our dining room and kitchen!!

I just love how these turned out!! And I'm quite proud of myself for getting something sewed again. I think I'm going to tackle some other projects in the new year. Goodness knows, I have piles of fabric just waiting for some lovin'!!

And it's only 2 sleeps until our kids are all home for our Christmas celebrations! I have decided to leave off baking cookies - much to Bob's delight which quite surprises me because I think you can never have too many cookies! Tomorrow is going to be a day of tidying, floor scrubbing and moving some piles to less obvious corners. The potatoes are mashed and just need to be warmed, the turkey is in the fridge thawing and so our preparations are nearly complete. Grampa's job tomorrow is getting the swings up outside so the little girls can have some fun and fresh air partway through the day. Off to wrap some more presents and stuff some stockings (really I just want to collapse in bed but this really needs to get done). Good thing I'm a night owl :))


  1. I am about to launch inot the cleaning thing too, Crystal. Only problem is that my kids will be here today! I love your new curtains! They are so pretty and cheerful!

  2. Wow, Mom! They turned out great. It's nice to do somethings like this that you've always wanted to but haven't had the time to.