Tuesday, December 04, 2007


These things I am thankful for this week -

1. Advent, the season of waiting and preparing for Jesus' birth, and the hope that Jesus brings into my life everyday.

2. Living close to nearly all of our extended family and being able to see them so often.

3. Sharing baking from our kitchen.

4. Warmth - furnace running, fireplace burning, cozy fleece jackets and slippers - I am thankful for ways to keep warm when winter comes.

5. Nativity scenes - this one was a gift and I've had it a long time. It has the place of honour on our mantle.

6. Handmade goodness, tutorials and tons of inspiration in the blogging world. I love the theme of 'buy handmade this year'.

7. Supper with friends - we haven't seen Darlene and Don for a very long time so it was a great visit but not long enough.

8. Concerts and live music - beautiful harmony and guitar music tonight at a concert we were at.


  1. I love that nativity scene. We don't have one in Poland, but something I really miss having out this time of year. Sounds like you're definitely enjoying the time off, spending it with friends, going to concerts and visiting family. You're still as busy as ever.

  2. I'm thankful, too, that our extended family lives nearby.

    Love your list, Crystal!