Friday, November 17, 2006

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

The hectic week of report card preparation is over! The envelopes with all the good news went home this afternoon - it was a very good feeling to pass them out. We had a little staff gathering
after school and a couple of retired friends stopped by. I am always amazed at how relaxed and happy they look - and how they don't miss it much at all. It's awesome to hear about their travels, grandkids and golf games!

Miss Helayna is 3 weeks old already! Oh, time is flying by! This picture was taken nearly 2 weeks ago as she slept on her Daddy's lap. I think it could be called "Peaceful Dreams"! I am looking forward to cuddling her again soon.

Darrin and Kelsey are coming home this weekend so we'll get to hear all about their little trip to Hawaii last week. And I must return to the studio which is undergoing a transformation to guest room for Kelsey! I hope you have a whole lot of nothing but relaxing planned for this weekend!!


  1. Beautiful picture of Helayna! She's so sweet!

    Congrats on your report cards being done. Woo hoo!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. SassySandra10:07 AM

    Way a great pic! I love her hair! You are one lucky Grandma!

    Take care

  3. Anonymous8:31 PM

    what an absolutely beautiful photo! So peaceful indeed! Glad to hear you got all of your report cards out! What a job that must be!

  4. what a precious photo!

  5. Yah! Report cards are done. That's always a long, hectic week, and not the most fun.
    Glad you get to have some time to relax. Have fun with Darrin & Kelsey. We miss you lots.

  6. I am SOOO happy for you that your report cards are done! What a relief! Now you can look forward to our visit this weekend.
    I can't wait to see D & K's photos from Hawaii. Some day we have to go...

  7. Glad to hear that the report cards are over and done with and now you can focus on other things, like those two beautiful granddaughters of yours.

    Love the picture of little Helayna. She is so sweet and peaceful. I still cannot get over how much hair she has.