Friday, August 04, 2006

Summer Days

Will you just look at her?!! Miss Meadow is so strong and getting more alert every day. Bob took this picture of her last night. She was so engrossed in him waving his fingers at her - concentration with a capital C! Have I mentioned how much I love cuddling her??!! And soon I'll get to cuddle Heather and Jonathan's babe too - life doesn't get any better! And not to worry - I WILL come to Calgary and find that sweet baby!

Decided today that I better tackle some of the summer jobs that are piled up around my house. Accomplished these:

- cleaned off DS's dresser in what used to be his room - threw stuff away and packed some up for him to take to his house

- did loads of laundry - and there are still loads to do! I think it's multiplying!!

- burnt CDs of the pictures we took in Asia - just in case the computer crashes.

- did some handwash-only laundry and hung it outside to dry - smells so good now.

- made zucchini muffins - with zucchini from my very own garden!

- helped Mel sort some stuff for a yard sale she wants to have at the lake this weekend.

- sorted through my everyday dishes and filled a box for the sale.

- pulled weeds out of the potato patch - and sacrificed 2 plants in the process because it was getting so dark. It looks MUCH better now!

- grated zucchini for relish and left it to sit overnight.

- got strawberries ready for jam making tomorrow.

- finished my Nicholas Sparks book "True Believer" - ho hum read - he's written better.

- washed all the dishes tonight - I must tackle the floors tomorrow.

- had a chai latte and a dish of fresh raspberries with brown sugar and cream - my favorite summertime dessert!

Am I caught up with all the jobs? Sad to say, there are many still waiting. Where is my housekeeper when I need her????


  1. cute picture!!! Sounds like you had a very productive day! I will have to try raspberries like that - I usually just put them on ice cream - yum!

  2. I enjoyed reading your last several postings and seeing your photos, especially of Meadow. We sure have great memories of our trip with you. You were busy yesterday! Audrey

  3. Wow! She's so strong! And did I mention, cute!!?!
    And you have been a very busy little beaver today, Miz C.!! I'm coming over for fresh zucchini - I'll even cook an authentic Italian dish that my mom used to make! And I'm bringing my laundry too - we may as well commiserate together! :)

  4. Wow - aren't you busy!!!!!!!! I wish I were that motivated - still wading through vacation photos here!

    Love that photo of Meadow - what a cutie!

  5. You can come and live with me!!!
    And Meadow is absolutely gorgeous!!

  6. Yikes! You had a busy day. Maybe you want to come to my house tomorrow? *S*
    Love seeing all the pics of Meadow.

  7. WOW that is a lot of stuff done.Glad you got some zucunni it was way too hot here and my plants died.

  8. Ooooooh, Meadow looks so big there!!!!! I wish we were closer so I could see her more! Thanks for posting the photo!
    And I have to say, I'm not surprised how much you got done today - you are always so productive!
    Wish I was there enjoying fresh raspberries and cream with you - my fav. summer dessert too!