Friday, August 18, 2006

Mel and Tyler's Last Day

This is our last day together as Mel and Tyler are leaving by train for the East tomorrow. Man, I hate when our kids leave - no matter if they are going home (Heather and Jonathan in Calgary - Naomi and Jerry just 20 minutes away - Darrin in Calgary too) or going around the world! Good-byes make me cry! And yes, they will all tell you that Mom cries everytime!!!

Anyway, I digree -
These 2 are taking the train across Canada, with stops along the way in Ontario and Quebec to visit friends and family. They'll be in Nova Scotia in early September to spend some time with Tyler's family and deal with stuff (and there's lots of stuff!). Then on September 23, they are flying to Poland where Tyler will begin his medical school studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice. Our hearts are full of joy that these 2 have so much faith and confidence to consider doing such a monumental thing, and they are full of worry and concern at all that they will have to face so far away from home. I need to do a whole bunch more praying as I bake pumpkin cheesecake and make a special supper for them. I need your prayers for me today, my dear friends - TIA!!!

So they are going to be in Poland for 4 years - and yes, I am going to visit ASAP!!! Europe - here I come - at long last!


  1. Hi!! Thanks for visiting my blog!! Sounds like Mel & Tyler have a great plan for the future... and its exciting to think you have someone to visit now in Europe!

  2. I hope the good-bye isn't too hard today! I'm glad they've been around to enjoy for the past few weeks! Think of all the traveling you've done and get to do all because of these two! ;)

  3. We love you so much. Thank-you for our adventures over the last six weeks. We will miss you very much, and it is a big step of faith for both of us. We are going knowing how much our family loves us, and that their prayers are with us.
    We'll be back for Christmas! XOXOXO

  4. Inspiring - especially for me!! My family lives in Italy, and still I could not leave here and go there to live - where I have people I know and a support system in place!! I wish them all the best!!! And HUGS for you Crystal!!

  5. So hard to say goodbye but I guess your getting to see the world by following them.

    Meadow is so sweet. Good for you taking the time to enjoy. They grow up way too fast.