Thursday, August 10, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Mom and Dad

It's my mom's birthday today and my dad's tomorrow - so cheers to them! 73 and 74 years of good living, hard working, and strong faith in these two. I am blessed that they enjoy good health and are still living on the farm. Country air does that! We are taking them out for supper tomorrow night - nearly 20 of us going along to celebrate with them.

It was a major blitz at our house today - inside and out!! Everything is spotless, shining, swept, mowed, moved or else has been hauled to the dump!! Mel, Tyler, Bob and I did an incredible amount of work in 4 hours - and we are good in the cleaning department for a very long time. I don't think I've every polished the tub and surround as well as I did today!! I think this effort deserves a big SB day now!

Our friends, Linda and Edward, from Nova Scotia arrived today. They have been in BC for nearly 4 weeks including one week on an Alaskan cruise. Melinda stayed with them in their beautiful house in Chester, Nova Scotia for 2 summers so they are like her second set of parents. Their home was our base during the wedding celebrations 2 years ago. We are glad to have this opportunity to host them. Tomorrow we're off to drive around the countryside - after Edward joins Mel and Tyler for a morning run at the lake.


  1. Love that photo! I was thinking about them yesterday - need to call and wish them both a happy birthday! I'm so glad they are still so active and healthy too! I wish we could be there for dinner.
    It sounds like you guys cleaned BIG time! That's awesome! I bet it feels great to have that done.
    Enjoy your time with Edward and Linda!

  2. Happy birthday to your parents - they look wonderful! I can see where you and the girls get your great genes from!
    Can you four come over to my house and do a deep clean here?!? :)

  3. How interesting that their birthday as are so close. WOW sounds like a big clean. Do you want to come to my house now??? (LOL!!)

  4. Happy birthday to them!! What a fantastic gene pool!! Amazing.