Sunday, August 27, 2006

Home again, home again!

Highlights from my little tour to Calgary:

- fun hanging out with Heather and Kelsey at IKEA and dreaming about all the cool stuff we'd like for our homes
- meeting up with Rhonda and her 2 sweet kids ( who were so well behaved) at Bliss, the scrapbook store
- finding a few new cool scrapbook supplies (that make me just want to sit down and create!)
- shopping for maternity clothes - they never made such cute stuff in my day! - and finding some jeans and tops to fit Heather
- eating yummy salads from Quiznos
- admiring all the sweet, sweet baby things you find in stores these days
- checking out "Once Upon a Child" - a gently used store - and finding great deals
- picking up the furriest white snowsuit for Meadow for the grand total of $10! Heather says she'll look like a little Russian princess. It is SOOOO sweet - I'm sure you'll see a picture or 2 of her in it when the weather gets cold.
-getting a body pillow for Heather - looks pretty comfy, doesn't she? It made a huge difference for her sleeping that very night. Jonathan's not so impressed with having it in the middle of his bed!

- eating supper at "The Broken Plate", a very nice Greek restaurant in Calgary. And yes, they did break plates!! The waiters even did some Greek dancing and ouzo shooters. Definitely a must-try place if you are in ever in the area. I suggest the flaming cheese for an appetizer and the Greek spiced ribs for an entree'.

- fruits, vegetables, soups and pies from the Calgary Farmer's Market. I just love going here! I had corn for lunch today and it was delish! And I ate alot of blueberries on the way home yesterday.

So it was a great break and I got to spend some quality time with my beautiful darling daughter, who is even more serene and relaxed as her pregnancy progresses, and her husband. She's got these 2 huge tomato plants in pots on the front steps and they are loaded with fruit. Great tastes of summer!

Now, in the spirit of the last week of summer holidays, I must go to school and spend some time arranging my desk and bulletin boards again. Not really what I want to do but it's what needs to be done.

See you later!!


  1. Wow, you summed up our weekend perfectly! I'm so glad you came! I always wish it was longer but I'm glad we had that time together. Soon we'll be pushing a stroller through the mall! Won't that be different?! Thanks again for spoiling us - it means so much to us!

  2. WOW sounds like you gals had a blast. Glad you got to meet Rhonda too.

    Not sure what happened to the bottom but I can't read the last paragraph except for the first line. Probably blogger.

  3. Awwww! I wish I had gotten to see you too! :)

    The Broken Plate is AWESOME - I totally agree. Mmmmm, makes me hungry just thinking about it.

    Sounds like you got some fun shopping in too!

  4. It was great great great to meet you and Heather!!!!! Sounds like the whole weekend was fabu-loso!!

  5. OOPPPPPPPPPPPAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Love me some greek! Sounds like you had an amazing time Crystal! Heather is one lucky daughter! And how fun that you got to meet Rhonda!