Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Reality Check

Man oh man - it was a crazy day between vehicle trouble and sewer problems!

Mel and Tyler had taken the car to Calgary and on the way home, the alternator belt broke. They managed to limp in to Wetaskiwin to a car dealership and then called me. So I took them Heather and Jonathan's old Toyota (the trusty one!) so they could get to Tyler's appointment at the health unit in Camrose. Meanwhile Bob got the power snake (you insert it into your sewer line to hopefully unclog it), helped Jerry with something, picked up a car carrier and then came to get the Neon and me in Wetaskiwin. When we got home we inserted the snake but it seems the lines are clear. SO we go out to the backyard and proceed to dig up the lawn to find the lids for the septic tanks. We were pretty lucky finding them (did this about 14 years ago!) and found out they were both full. We have a tank but it empties into a septic field under the ground so we don't normally have to pump it. Hopefully the guy can come tomorrow and pump it out and we can return to normal living. The only good thing about this is that it didn't happen in the middle of winter - and I got some major cleaning and hauling out done in the basement. Water on the floor will do that for ya everytime!!

We now return to regularly scheduled programming - well, hopefully tomorrow!

Still no cooperation from blogger for posting pictures. Plan B goes into effect tomorrow here too!


  1. It never rains but pours!! HUGS to you!! And here is hoping that everything is back to "normal" very soon!

  2. WOW sounds like you have had a trying day. HUGS and hope everything is back to normal now.