Thursday, August 03, 2006

Food Courts

Of course eating was a large part of our holiday adventure!! One day we went to Taipei 101, which is the tallest -uilding in the world (at least until a taller one is finished in the United Ara- Emirates), and then had lunch in the food court. We spent the first 15 minutes wandering around and considering all the options which included McDonald's! There was so much to see! Most of the workers wear masks, which is different and also reassuring. This lady was cleaning off ta-les and returning the various -askets and trays to their respective owners. It was cool to see - rather than all the paper products we use! The amounts of rice and various other dishes were huge. We settled on a variety of different dishes - all of them unique, interesting and tasty. Of course we used chopsticks! Audrey and I even mastered them eventually!!

Purchasing food in Asia is quite reasona-le and we quite enjoyed the variety and tastes. Some in our group were more adventurous than others and we did try lots of unique things. This food court was very different from the street vendors that we saw everywhere - more on that another time!!!

We got to take care of Meadow tonight while her mom and dad went to Leduc! She was very good - Grampa fed her, she looked around for a while, went outside to meet the dog (who came home after his holidays today!), slept with Grampa, slept in her chair and cuddled with me! I hope we get to do this again soon!


  1. oh yum!! now I am hungry for chinese food!! I can just smell the food when I look at those photos.

    Sounds like a great night with your grandaughter!!

  2. Cool photos! I bet that was an experience. I can imagine all the smells and tastes combined with the heat and humidity made for some interesting memories! I'm craving chinese food now too!
    So cool that you got to watch Meadow. I'm already sad that we don't live close enough for you to do the same when our little one comes.

  3. What an experience! Those dishes look absolutely yummy!
    Glad you got some one-on-one time with Meadow! And how great for the new parents to have a date night!

  4. Oh I want Chinese food now and it's only breakfast time.

    Oh Meadow must have changed so much. enjoy the time.