Saturday, August 12, 2006

Isn't she cute?!

One of the things I enjoyed most about our time in Asia was watching the children! This sweet little girl was walking with her Mom in Behai Park in Beijing (near the Forbidden City) totally enjoying being dressed up and swinging her parasol. When I asked her to pose she got the sweetest smile and set herself up just perfectly. Chinese children were so well behaved and gentle by nature. We saw lots of grandparents with little ones which is a cultural thing as they provide childcare while parents work long hours. Mel and Tyler's friends, Meg and Simon, have a 2 year old daughter who lives with Meg's parents during the week and only comes home on weekends!! As a parents, that would be strange, I think.

It's been rainy and cool the past couple of days. Today we visited Leduc #1, the Canadian Petroleum Interpretive Center, with our friends from Nova Scotia. Then we couldn't decide what to do so we wandered to West Edmonton Mall and showed them all the attractions, had supper and shopped a little. Totally an "on holidays" kind of wet day!


  1. She is sooo cute. What a great picture!!

  2. She's adorable! HOw sweet!
    I can't imagine having my parents or inlaws live with my kidlets for five out of seven days! I'd miss them too much - and think of how much of their lives you would miss!

  3. awww what a precious jewel she is!! beautiful photo Crystal! That would be very strange I think also to have my children away during the week!!