Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Last Day of Summer!

And it's raining - lots! Gloomy, dull, stay in front of the fire kind of day. Just the perfect kind for loading cattle onto the trailer and sending them to the auction! Now I know why cowboys wear big hats made of canvas - so the rain doesn't run down your neck! Anyway, 26 head are gone this morning and it's off to school for just a few hours, before Meadow comes to play.

You know, I'm going to really miss this blogging thing when school starts for real next week! But I guess I'll have lots to write about, won't I? Hopefully blogger will be more cooperative about loading pictures later this afternoon. Do you know that it's been 12 days since you saw baby pictures?!!! Are you in withdrawal?? Later, I hope!


  1. I'm definitely in withdrawl mode!! Show me more Meadow pics, please!! :D

  2. Yes, I'm totally in withdrawal. I never get to see her except through photos on your blog!
    What a FUN day to load cattle! UGH! I'm glad it's done though and you were able to come into a warm house with a non-leaking roof! ;)