Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Adventures on a Summer Sunday

We had a fabulous day - great weather, good company, relaxing time, lots of laughs - all the things that summer is about! My niece, Jill, and her friend brought their horses and they did a trail ride while the adults rode the quads. I cannot think of a better thing to do on a summer afternoon!

Chloe and Joy (the horses) are called the "Princesses" by their owners. I was amazed at how fast and far they went. It was a cutline trail with lots of growth and there were some wet spots but that didn't stop these 4 gals.

On the homefront, I spent the day doing laundry and dishes and then later getting groceries and dropping off the recycling. I stopped at Rona for something and as soon as I entered the store I heard a baby crying. I thought it sounded like Meadow so I went searching and I found her!! Na and Jerry were getting pieces for the hot tub hookup and the baby wasn't too happy. I cuddled her and rocked her to sleep. Meeting them was a great surprise!


  1. LOL - funny how you recognize her cry already! You are such an awesome gramma! Sounds like you had alot of fun!

  2. That is too funny how in a store like that you actually heard your grand-baby crying!!! That is so amazing!! I wanna come out and quad with you!!!

  3. That is too funny that you heard her crying and recognized it! LOL! It looks like you had a great ride!

  4. Isn't it amazing how babies' cries can be so similar and yet so unique at the same time! Glad you got to spend a little snuggle time with MH!
    Those horses are GORGEOUS! I think I may convince Gary to quit his job and move to Alberta, just so I can own horses and wear a cowboy hat! :)
    And of course be close to my S! AB connection... :)

  5. I think we missed out on the quadding adventure. Next trip we'll have to get that in. I'm glad you two went though and had a great time with Auntie E and Uncle Larry.
    Meadow's cry is very distinct, but a grandma would notice that anywhere. :)
    Love you.

  6. aw! that is so sweet that you recognize her cry already! you should definitly get a super grannie prize!

  7. LOL! on recognizing her cries. Funny how you just know.

    Sounds like your riding was lots of fun.