Monday, November 21, 2011

Right Now

November 20, 2011

right now, I am ...
:: marveling that it's the last week of the church year before Advent begins
:: revisiting the conversations we had around the supper table tonight
:: plotting how I can get all the sewing done for Christmas that I'm dreaming about
:: finishing the last piece of a delicious chocolate angel food cake that my friend sent home.
:: stopping to think about how I can share what God has blessed us with
:: wondering what pictures I need to print for a little scrapbook project
:: casting around for a few more Christmas gift ideas
:: listening to Hymns by Out of Eden
:: queing more bags and boxes for the second hand store
:: feeling that it was a busy weekend but the week ahead is calmer
:: loving the fresh white snow that's covered everything 
:: hoping the temperature moderates a whole lot this week - it was minus 28 degrees Celsius at 8 pm last night
:: wanting to be finished one of my worst things to do ever!
:: thinking about the Christmas cookies I want to start baking
:: reminding myself that Christmas is about people and memories
:: making notes on the calendar for December committments
:: planning to enjoy every day of the month ahead
(prompted by Amanda at SouleMama)


  1. With Advent starting so soon, all the Christmas activities get into swing - I love this time of the year, and I too and wondering if there will be enough time to do everything I would love to do!

  2. there's so much Christmas on your list. :) i can't believe it's just a month away already. hoping that "worst thing ever" is out of the way very soon so you can enjoy December. :)