Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #45

Listography #45 - Things I Have Broken or Lost

1.  My glasses - only once!  I was on a 4-H awards trip to Chicago and near the end of the 10 day trip I lost my glasses.  I still have no idea where they went.  Maybe got left behind while visiting with other delegates - we did do lots of circulating between different state rooms!  My mom was less than impressed when I got home.

2.  Drinking glasses of all shapes and sizes - they just seem to slip out of my hands!  And in the kitchen they are the most likely item to bite the dust.

3.  A navy-blue fleece half-zip jacket - I wore it one winter and it was never seen again.

4.  If I can stretch the word "broken" to include vehicles - our red Dodge Caravan that was written off after hitting a tree in the ditch just a few winters ago.  It was a sad day indeed!

5.  The handle on the cream pitcher for my set of Royal Albert china.

6.  Not all of them have really been my fault, but a "few" repairs have been required on the forage harvester and hy-dump when I've been driving during silage season.

7.  A fence post that was clipped off by the riding lawn mower when I was cutting the grass.

I'm sure Bob could add to this list of mine - if you asked him!

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  1. I keep thinking of more and more things to add to my list. It's kinda crazy. I didn't know you lost your glasses when you were younger. I can't imagine Grandma being very impressed. And your lawnmower story reminded me of the time I ran into your garage with the mower. Eeks!