Saturday, November 12, 2011

Five on Friday

Okay - well make that Saturday!

1.  It snowed last night!  And it looks very cold and winter-y outside today.  Today makes me even more thankful for the beautiful long fall we had.

2.  Naomi challenged me to do the 30 Bags in 30 Days challenge this month.  So far, 10 bags / boxes have departed for recycling, the secondhand store and the garbage.  I'm on a roll!

3.  For inspiration today, you must check out the Write. Click. Scrapbook site.  They have three awesome challenges posted as part of a Saturday series.   I was excited to look back in my photo archives and I found this picture that I took exactly one year ago!

I was at Heather and Jonathan's unloading some empty jars from the car and Helayna hung these 'bracelets' on the tree :)  What a happy memory for today!

4.   The first batch of poppycock was made - and half consumed by our Bible study guests - yesterday :)  Let the season begin!

5.  And on that note, the Canadian Tenors Christmas CD, "The Perfect Gift" is playing now.  Thanks, S!


  1. The Canadian Tenors are wonderful - enough to make me grin too! Our autumn is carrying on here - it was 15C today, which is almost tropical. At least we can keep the heating costs down a while longer.
    30 bags in 30 days....Hmmm. Why not. I think I will do it too. Heaven knows I have more than 30 bags to give away or toss out.

  2. I totally forgot about Helayna doing that! It seems so long ago. Good for you for keeping up with your challenge! It must feel so good to be getting rid of all that stuff.