Monday, November 28, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

"With all my heart, I am waiting, Lord, for you!  I trust your promises."     Psalm 130:5

And while the waiting for His birthday is numbered in the next four weeks, I count on - because He never waits to show me His love and care.

#3341- #3381

- warmer weather
- good driving conditions
- reading to students
- volunteers
- icicles hanging from Christmas lights

- school secretaries
- students practising for Christmas concerts
- enthusiasm and smiles as they describe their parts
- amazing music teachers
- stacks of photocopying

- cards in the mail
- library books
- old pictures
- a day with Meadow and Blake at our house
- Christmas poinsettias from a nearby greenhouse

- scrapbooking with her
- pulling out supplies so it will be just the way she wants it
- hearing "I can do it this way because it's my book"
- celebrating that she wants to do it herself
- looking at pictures of when her mama was a little girl

- cuddles from little boys
-  lemon and ginger tea
- little girl hair buns
- Samuel's request for us to come to visit (we would go in a heartbeat if we could)
- baking Christmas cookies

- first Advent candle lit
- Sunday School class with one pupil - wonderful teaching opportunity
- 80th birthday celebrations
- families who come together to celebrate
- the love and support of our faith family

- orange and pink gilding the sky as the sun rises above the horizon
- a new ceramic travel mug
- time to sew
- more corners cleaned out and tidied up
- fondue night

- waiting with calm and a peaceful heart
- working with others, on a special project to make a difference
- Advent devotions
- His light that fills the darkness
- the love of my Saviour - that empowers me


  1. what a great verse! i needed that one this morning. feeling a little weary from waiting, but i need to hang in there because HE cares! thanks! :)

  2. so much joy and peace in this list. love that icicle photo so much.