Monday, November 21, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Our pastor spoke about the year ending yesterday as we look to the beginning of Advent next week.  He suggested we reflect on the year past and then think about how we will share whatever God gives us in the year ahead.  It was definitely a challenge for sharing with "the least of these" as Matthew 25 says.

#3308 - #3341

- time to read while the furnace blows warm air
- old, old movies
- warm slippers
- a reliable vehicle on very cold days
- warm mitts and boots

- perogies made by Bob's mom
- family gathered
- strong and healthy little ones playing together
- our nephew and his wife who hosted the family gathering
- everyone bringing food to add to the feast

- having everything ready the night before it's needed
- a major (and much needed) attitude adjustment overnight
- reading words from Ann that reinforced my adjustment
- a crockpot
- sunshine sparkling on snow as we drove to church

- Bob's aunt's fruit bread - and the loaf she slipped under my arm
- hotpacks and a microwave to warm them
- shared suppers
- friends who open their home
- chocolate angel food cake with buttercream icing and fresh raspberries

- a wonderful baker friend
- playing games and sharing laughter
- messages - and then conversations - with Melinda
- Samuel playing the harmonica on the phone for me
- listening to Helayna read via video

- hoodies
- finding little gifts for Christmas
- giving away packages
- toys collected by Bob's family for Santa's Anonymous
- making a gift certificate

- how God can turn me around
- that He forgives me and my whining
- seeing it all differently by His grace

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  1. i can almost hear you reading this list out to me. i love that. it's so honest and real. and i'm so grateful he never gives up on us too.