Tuesday, November 01, 2011


My beautiful niece, Jen and her husband, Will are expecting their first baby in December.  Her sister, Mel, hosted a baby shower a few weeks ago and I made a rag quilt for her gift.  This is the second one in a month and I used the things I learned last time to make this one better :)  Naomi helped me pick out the fabrics and Jen said it matches what they've done with the nursery - yeah!!

The front


The back where I pieced in some prints

Label on the back
(a local quilt store gives one of these panels 
with your order sometimes)

I'm so happy I could make this little one a special gift!


  1. Lucky little baby! I love the colours, Crystal - it is beautiful!

  2. It's gorgeous. What a treasure for them to have. I love that you added your label on it. Great colours and patterns. I can't believe you made two of these this month.

  3. it's beautiful! i love the back especially.

  4. What a pretty quilt! I always admire quilts made by others, but I never got inspired enough to do one of my own. This is really lovely.