Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Resting in all the goodness that  He provides and counting on with a full heart!

#3238 - #3278

- a new calendar page
- reorganizing fabric bins and finding lace and ribbon
- the washer and dryer working merrily away
- freshly folded fabrics
- looking back at layouts of the grandchildren when they were little

- uninterrupted days at home
- easily finding online information about Green Zebra tomatoes
- oatmeal with pears, walnuts and maple syrup
- washing the outside windows
- empty greenhouse

- slowly gathering treasures for Christmas gifts
- an evening out with good friends
- delicious Chinese food at my favourite local restaurant
- laughing at a drama production
- sewing for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes

- Silas' conversation on the phone
- how Blake is talking so much more
- sweet Maëlle and her happy smiles
- Helayna's excitement and birthday happiness
- watching Meadow's hockey game

- missing Samuel and resting in the memories
- rejoicing with Darrin and Kelsey
- their news about a baby in the spring!
- trusting that this new little one will grow in His perfect way
- grandchild #7 - how amazing!

- basic ingredients + a can of soup + some seasonings = easy supper
- warm gloves
- taking out bags and boxes of things we don't need
- second hand stores that accept donations
- photo challenges from Shutter Sisters

signs of fall
(elm seeds on a November day)

- cards in the mail from Leigh
- supporting her as she prepares for a trip to the Congo
- Christmas lights strung up
- visiting in a parking lot
- an extra hour of sleep

- bloggers who go to places that I can't
- God's reminders that I am a "child" of His
- seeing myself in our grandchildren
- recognizing my rebellion and outbursts as He must see them
- knowing that He holds me just as I hold them

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  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    Share our congratulations with Darrin and Kelsey! That is fantastic news.