Friday, May 27, 2011


I was absolutely amazed at how many people were involved with the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway event earlier this week!  There were 550 giveaways in the 3 categories and I was  able to only enter a handful of them.  I think you'd have to be on your computer day and night to get around to everyone!

I was thrilled to have 209 people stop by my blog!  I'd initially thought that maybe I'd get 50 - 75 comments and as the number grew, I started thinking about how I could share with a few more of these visitors.  So I decided to offer 3 giveaways - it's not like I don't have enough fabric in my stash and sewing a few more pillowcases won't take very long.

So random number generator chose #94, #70 and #140 which means that the prizes are going to :

The Sewing Dork said...

My dream project is a mystery to me at this point, but an entire weekend alone without the kids to sew seems like a dream...
come see me too (I'm local) for a giveaway.

pianomama said...

My dream project is a King size quilt out of Hometown by Sweetwater.....adore that fabric

thriftyfinn said...

Thanks for the chance!

It blew me away that I had visitors from Turkey, Greece, Portugal, the UK, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, the US and Canada!  Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that would happen!  So I'm sending a treat to Calgary, Alberta, one to Colorado and one to Finland.  Blogging and the internet are amazing, aren't they?  I did try to return the favour and check out as many of my visitors as I could.  I wish I could send everyone a treat - Canada Post would love me!!  I definitely am looking forward to the next Giveaway Day in December - now, what shall I create for that???


  1. It's awesome and amazing that you had so many visitors from all over the world. It was a pretty neat day to have so many giveaways, and so much neat stuff going around.
    Looking forward to what you create for the next one. I do love being the recipient of your homemade projects. Btw, Samuel devoured the raspberry jam that you sent us earlier this year. He must be my son! ;)

  2. Wow, I see that you just finished up a giveaway. I must go back to see what I missed.

    Thank you for participating in mine; I really identified with your comment. So often I purchase something for a gift and then must return and get another because there's no way I'm parting with it. Since my sister and I have similar tastes, this happens more than I'd like to confess.