Monday, May 30, 2011

Gratitude Gifts

As this month ends and the days of spring go by, there are still surprises everyday.  The weather has been so warm and sunny - and then on Saturday night we had frost!  It went to -4 degrees C nearby and there were a few plants that were touched and have black top leaves.  I think our fruit trees were protected and the saskatoons were finished blooming.  Most of Alberta has had frost warnings for the past 3 nights.

Even amidst life's surprises and twists and turns, His goodness is constant.  There are no surprises from Him!  Or if there are, as in the case of Mary and Joseph from our Bible study this week, He has it all figured out and we only need to trust Him.  When I think of what was asked of Mary and her response, I see myself as severely lacking in so many ways.  May I be reminded of her life often - as I count on each day!

#2541 - #2564

- green, green grass without dandelions

- brownies
- playing along with the grandchildren's pretend games
- holding Maëlle
- supper ready at 10:30 a.m.
- first spinach salad from the garden
- promise of flowers to come

- sunny afternoons
- greenhouse tour
- seed potatoes
- pink Rocky Mountain Lavendar geranium

- wind that blows mosquitoes away
- unpacking new-to-us toys
- birthday cake in kindergarten
- fresh tulips from Naomi's garden
- plants safe from the frost

- praise songs while driving
- reassurance that a friend is doing okay
- sewing
- grilled cheese sandwiches
- phone call from my brother
- soft ice cream
- pictures in the flowers

"Two Pansy Friends"


  1. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Loved the dandilion field but the green grass is beautiful, too!!!

  2. Things look great at your house. I do miss mowing that big lawn, riding around on the tractor, getting some sun and enjoying the smell of freshly cut grass.
    Love your list and the glimpse into your week. Miss you.

  3. it sure looks different with all those dandelions gone from your lawn. ;) so nice to see so many things growing at your house.