Saturday, May 28, 2011

Six on Saturday

What was supposed to be Five on Friday has now become Six on Saturday!  Still sounds good to me!

1.  The dandelion field that is supposed to be our lawn is currently being mowed down!  Seriously, after the rain last weekend and a bit of heat now, every. single. dandelion seed that was ever on the lawn has sprouted and bloomed!  The bright yellow is cheerful but the height was approaching "let's graze the cows" status.

2.  I was a lucky winner in the Sew, Mama, Sew Giveaway last week!  This very sweet little diaper clutch is coming to me - thanks to Tiffany at   I think it will make a perfect gift :)

(photo from Tiffany's blog)

3.   I put together a birthday gift this morning and now I really don't want to give it away!  But I know it will be loved and appreciated where it's going too.

4.  Apple trees in full bloom this week make me very happy - so gorgeous!

5.  We had spinach salad, using the first volunteer spinach from the garden, last night.  It was delicious and I am excited to be able to use fresh lettuce and radishes soon.  You just can't beat the taste of picking something and eating it within an hour!

6.  My beautiful new barbecue (a wonderful birthday and Mother's Day gift) is making grilling an easy and enjoyable way to serve supper these days.  So far I've done asparagus, roasted vegetables, Italian sausages, pork chops, chicken thighs, salmon, burgers and steak.   Using the rotisserie is on the agenda soon.  Thanks, D & K, N & J, for this generous gift.


  1. Love the pretty yellow flowers!! ;)
    Hope you are all well out your way!

  2. Anonymous8:06 PM

    The anonymous comment is Penless Writer. Didn't like me!!!

  3. It's awesome that you won something. What a cute bag. The dandelions in our yard look the same way, but Samuel loves seeing them and picking them, so we're embracing the flower. It must be absolutely beautiful around the yard with all the blossoms and smells. I miss the lilac tree by the path to the barn. That was my favourite in the spring.