Monday, May 02, 2011

Gratitude Gifts

Another month ended and we are living in the days of Easter now.  These are the days of remembering that He took all our sins so that we might live forever.  These are the days that remind me that there is really no other way to heaven, except by believing and then thanking Him for taking it all from me.  All the good I try to do doesn't matter one single bit if I don't accept that He is my Saviour.  It's only through Him that I live and breath and have my being - and it's through Him that I have grace every day.

#2411 - #2456

- snowbanks reduced to nothing
- waking to sunshine
- hiking around the yard with grandchildren
- finding the first stalks of rhubarb pushing through the ground
- tiny purple crocuses blooming beside the snow
- planning for weiner roasts
- little hands clasped across carseats
- Sunday's message about our Saviour
- dads that cook Sunday lunches
- playing Cinderella and Three Billy Goats Gruff

- piles of folded laundry
- plants growing in containers

- a windowsill full of note cards
- blue sky and puffy clouds

- new shoes
- soup for lunch
- fresh bread
- a new barbecue (thanks D & K, N & J!)
- babysitting our beautiful grandchildren
- little boys playing

- summer plans
- greenhouse opening
- peanut butter chocolate cups
- Mother's Day
- colors
- the vacuum cleaner
- first bike rides

- last bags of summer fruit from the freezer
- the right and responsibility of voting
- bills paid
- turning the calendar to find new pictures
- finding birthday gifts

- learning more about Bible heroes
- healing for a broken body part
- tax returns filed
- buds on branches

- book orders
- dishes washed
- weddings
- sound of tractor starting after a complete overhaul
- my husband's pride in completing the job well
- delphinium growing

- encouragement
- thoughts of my grandma
- reading this:  
Jesus said, "I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die." John 11: 25 - 26


  1. I got teary when I was reading your list (so silly, I know) and I thought I was going to push it back down, then I read, "thoughts of my grandma", too! Me too!

  2. LOVE the verse at the end ... so full of "LIFE!"

  3. oh Mom, this list made me tear up too. So much to be grateful for and it brings me so much joy and inspiration to see they way you are living eucharisteo. Love you! Thank you for everything this weekend.