Monday, May 09, 2011

Gratitude Gifts

Spring is definitely being enjoyed with all its warmth and new growth here.  This morning I noticed that the trees have a definite green tinge to them and the lawn is looking very green.   I was thinking about how our lives reflect this change in the seasons too.  The last two Sundays I've gone to church with Heather and Jonathan, where the pastors are preaching a series on ICHTHUS (the Greek word for fish). Last Sunday it was about our Saviour and this week's topic was Sanctified.  It means set apart for God's purposes, after accepting Him as our Saviour.  Some of the doubts and worries that have troubled me lately fell away yesterday and I feel like new attitudes are growing in me.  How very blessed I am to experience His grace in this way and so I count His gifts to me!

#2456 - #2489

- sun shining brightly
- a rainbow as I drove out of the rain
- warm temperatures
- green leaves starting to peek through
- a day of creating

- an evening with my Mom, just us 2
- walking Helayna to Sunday School
- talking to our grandchildren on the phone
- scrapbook layouts that capture them right now
- lawn growing again

- supportive colleagues
- energy as I work for several days in a row
- a visit to the greenhouse (thanks, N!)
- beautiful growing things
- pussy willows turning to leaves

- chai latte'
- snacks packed along
- strong hands to open tight lids (thanks, J!)
- help transplanting 65 tomato seedlings (thanks, H!)
- mayday tree budding
- hearing frogs croak

- fields being seeded
- Mother's Day phone calls
- first watermelon of the season
- setting plants out for a bit of fresh air and sunshine
- watching my daughters become mothers
- my Mom and my mother-in-law
- water and plants

- the reminder of baptism and new birth for me
- to be loved unconditionally
- reading His word
- being taught what that word means for me daily
- God's promises for me


  1. Is that your lawn or your field?????? I love your lists, Crystal. You know, every week, you remind me of something I overlook, or take for granted, and I have to go back and think more each time. Notice more. What a wonderful journey this gratitude one is for all of us!
    My first roses are blooming! How i love this time of year.....

  2. It definitely looks like spring out there, more than out here. It really is a great season, a time to think about growth and life, and beginning fresh. It's amazing how God moves and teaches us no matter where we are, allowing us to hear or see at just the right time. Letting the worries go and trusting is absolutely the hardest part of faith.
    Love the list and the photos of all that green spring life in your part of the country. Miss you!

  3. Love your list and your pictures! It was nice to see you the other weekend and it really was a great message--we will have to watch the rest on-line! :o)