Monday, May 16, 2011

Gratitude Gifts

This middle part of May (goodness, how can that be already?!)  brings our grandson's birthday and I definitely miss being part of his celebrations.  He lives right across on the other side of the country, which is much too far away for my liking, but we were able to Skype with him on his special day.  It's just amazing to use all the technology that can keep us connected!  Last night I found some pictures of the day he was born and then some of his party with us last year - and I am amazed that this little bundle of boy has grown into a running, babbling, energetic, full of smiles little man!  Happy, happy Birthday, Samuel - we love you!

In both our Bible study and the pastor's sermon this week, I was reminded that the plan God has for us can often seem strange - think of the story of Joseph (Genesis 39 - 50).  And even though we believe in HIm, we are not guaranteed that we will be treated 'fairly' or that we will live a charmed life.  But I do know that He is my Gate  (John 10) and His is the path I travel because He is with me.   And I need Him there and He stays with me - and His grace falls on me daily.

#2489 - #2514

- Samuel's second birthday

- a mommy and a daddy who love their son with every ounce of their being

- Canada Post who delivers birthday presents

- barbecued burgers and a multitude of salads

- bird songs as I walk along the road

- Blake's smile and his arms reaching out to me (really it just melts my heart!)

- another visit to the greenhouse

- growing things

- mosquito repellent (it's essential right now)

- bumblebees and the promise of pollination

- Meadow's excitement at every plant in the greenhouse

- pansies - and the reminder of my gramma

- friends and late night conversation

- doctors and medicine for a friend

- Saturday morning with no alarm clock ringing

- fields drying

- plants for my pots

- telephone, email and Skype

- envelopes of pictures found

- memories, memories, memories

- chats with my sister

- the smell of cultivated fields

- learning more from His word

- welcoming a new couple at church

- living in Him, rejoicing and trusting


  1. I came across your through "One Thousand Gifts". Great list, especially the last on Monday's list.

  2. There is so much spring out there. It looks great, and is so refreshing after a long winter. Hope the wind has died down a little.
    Thank-you for your thoughts about Samuel. We missed you all that day. I thought back to last year and the fun we had in AB. Maybe next year we'll come out for his third. ;)