Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Right Now

Right Now, I am ...
moving towards bed after a day of subbing in grade one but I have to fold a load of laundry and finish my lunch first
appreciating the sunshine and warm temperatures of spring
planning to pull the tomato and cantaloupe plants that have sprouted out from under their plastic tents
falling behind on dishes and household tasks this week
anticipating the arrival of our sixth grandchild any day now
laughing at how absolutely soaking wet students can get outside at recess
feeling so thankful to have this week of subbing
enjoying a dessert dish full of Liberte' Mediterranean lemon yogurt - yummy, thick and smooth
remembering my friend's dad who passed away last week and how excited Helayna was when the little lamb sucked on her baby finger :)
hoping to get through tomorrow's lesson plans and student presentations on their home building projects

Thanks to Heather and Amanda Soule for this post idea and inspiration today!


  1. Love it! Sounds like a wonderfully full & blessed life you're living!

    Have a GREAT Wednesday!

  2. This is neat, a little snippet in your day. I hope spring has come to stay, and you get to enjoy green things growing. You'll have a little jungle in that greenhouse before long.
    Have a great week subbing, even with the extra work and time it takes. It is exhausting having a full week of it.
    Love the photo. It reminds me of our little black sheep that we got for an Easter treat one year. That is probably one of my fondest memories from childhood. Sheep, really who'd have thought we'd love those things so much. ;)

  3. I'm so glad you did this too - it's kinda fun to think about those things, isn't it? I adore that little photo - you got so many good ones from your time with them at the farm. I need to give you a call and catch up. Hope you are having a good week.