Monday, April 11, 2011

Gratitude Gifts Today

Amidst a long day of travel, questions, waiting and watching, I am struck again by the myriad blessings He  places in my life.  And the thanks I have for His grace and His arms surrounding me, adds up to peace and quiet rest in Him.  For His ways are better than anything I can plan or imagine and I count on Him to see us through this time.

#2334 - #2366
- waking to thoughts of Him
- whispering a prayer of thanks for night rest and opportunities waiting
- birthday celebrated
- little voices singing over the phone line and in video to me
- little ones blowing candles out for me

- cards and messages
- finishing a week of subbing
- organized colleagues
- students with energy and smiles
- fresh watermelon
- oatmeal with bananas and walnuts
- sun shining bright
- no more snow on the path to the garden
- sharing in the celebration of 80 years
- a good health care system
- caring doctor
- spending the day with Naomi
- safe travels
- streams running full with water
- geese swimming in the creek
- seeds sprouting

- a dishwasher
- laundry soap
- naps
- prayer throughout the day
- hearing good news
- pictures shared (thanks, L!)
- plans for tomorrow
- chicken noodle soup
- journal with gratitudes written down
- trusting that His will shall be done
- leaving the worrying to Him


  1. Love your seeds photo. Starting our seed trays is one of my chores for today!

  2. I love your list, as I always do. I love that you see so much of Him in your days and take delight in the little things.

  3. Happy Be-lated Birthday, by the way!!! Great list, it is amazing how reflecting on all of our blessings puts things into perspective. I love the pictures of your sprouting seeds--so wish we could have a garden!!

  4. GREAT list - as always! May you continue to see His wonderful ways through each and every aspect of your life ~

    Have a GREAT Thursday!