Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lists of 2011 - #17

Listography #17 - Jobs I Would Be Good At

1.  Book store owner

2.  Event coordinator

3.  Travel agent

4.  Cooking school instructor

5.  Chocolate taster :)

6.  Bed and breakfast owner (but I'd have to hire out the cleaning!)

7.  Fabric salesperson

8.  Promoter of children's clothes and toys

9.  Baker

10.  Editor / proofreader

11.  Scrapbooker and stamper

12.  Professional shopper

13.  Tour guide

14.  Kids camp director

15.   Cook book writer


  1. oh man you have a few I'd love to try too!! Cook book writer?! Sounds awesome! Lots I'd love to do too!! Great list!

  2. LOVE this list ... so fun to dream!! And dreams do come true you know! :)

  3. You would be so good at each of these jobs. If you could make a career change which one do you think you'd really like to try?

  4. I’m just bouncing around and checking out some of the blogs listed on the Compassion site. Glad I found yours!

    Love #2. Who doesn't love to plan events?