Monday, April 25, 2011

Gratitude Gifts - Easter Edition

In the suffering of Good Friday, the waiting of Saturday and the joy of Sunday, I follow my Saviour.   I thank Him, in awe, that He would die for my sins and I rejoice with Him that He lives forever.  Glorious news!

#2391 - #2411

- a house full of family and friends

- Easter hymns

- bright tulips, wide open

- chocolate eggs, melting in the sun

- conversations with friends

- bright sunshine

- 'no jacket' weather

- Christians witnessing together in our community

- help in the kitchen

- baked ham

- strawberry shortcake

- colored eggs

- seeing pussy willows on branches

- moments recorded in photographs

- our daughter-in-law and her wonderful parents

- egg hunts

- catching up by telephone

- healthy transplants

- imagining the joy that they felt when they saw He was alive

- that I live in the wonder of His grace every day


  1. i am visiting from ann's blog - each week i try to visit the link to the right and left of my own. i love that you are already in 2000's in counting gifts! i can't wait til i have that many written down! i love your tulips pictured - my favorite flower. blessings!

    my recent post: when expectations come crashing down

  2. You are an encourager! The beauty of your blog is soul-food as much as your words. Thank you.