Monday, November 29, 2010

Welcome, Advent!

Welcome to the time of great expectation,
the days of counting,
the time of quiet preparedness,
the time to sit with God and wonder,
the most exciting time of the year!

For He is coming!
The One I am waiting for,
the One who gathers me up and carries me,
the One on whom I rest my hopes and dreams,
the One who created me for His purposes,
the One who is always there.

He is coming as a little baby,
sent to a world who doesn't see Him, 
to remind me again that my life is nothing without Him.
And my heart leaps with joy and excitement
as the days count down.

And I expect that 
I will see Him in the faces that I meet,
 I will hear Him in the hymns and carols,
 I will feel Him in the hugs and greetings,
 I will serve Him by helping more of His children.
 I know that He desires these things for me
and that it will be very good to celebrate His birth.
And I am glad!

What are you expecting this season?

(Question based on Pastor Scott's sermon today)


  1. Did you write the poem? It's great and makes me think about all this season means.
    I'm expecting to marvel again at the awesomeness of Christ's birth, but maybe even more deeply and wonderfully than the year before.

  2. wow, awesome poem, mom! i'm expecting to be in awe of His amazing gift and sacrifice.